Our technology was inspired by Parker & Sons.

Grew from “mom & pop” to a Loved $100 Million Market-Leader

+ $20 Million Just Last Year!

…and they only serve certain areas of Arizona!

They evaluated every reputation management system on the market.
Nothing suited their needs, budget & vision,

So we built one for them that obviously works!

Parker & Sons continues to attribute its growth and success to RevuKangaroo.

Now RevuKangaroo is the #1 choice of Reputation Management System of CEOs who value achieving market-leadership through productivity & service excellence!

…and our magic continues!

Our clients grow 18%++ within the first 6 months!

We’re Excited to Share We’ve Expanded Into New Segments

…and it’s working there too!!

Our clients are getting very creative with RevuKangaroo!

We also gleefully respond to creative enhancement ideas!


Paul Kelly of Parker and Sons Featured